(Mo)bile (M)useum (U)nits

MoMUs embody the fundamental aspect of the Berkshire Museum philosophy: that museums are meant for everyone, everywhere.

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What is a Mobile Museum Unit? (MoMU)

A MoMU is like having a museum exhibit right where you live and work.
Each MoMU is an inter-disciplinary narrative told through objects, graphics, and interactives. MoMUs are designed in various sizes that can easily fit inside a classroom, library, reception area, or public community space. MoMUs are on wheels, so they truly can go anywhere, even after we drop them off!

The result: a system that brings object-based learning to populations that might not be able to access the museum, as well as injecting a museum experience into unexpectedly commonplace situations.

We look forward to sharing further developments and outcomes of our object-based community engagement initiatives.

To book a MoMU,
please contact
Joseph Mastronardi, Curriculum Developer at:

(413) 443-7171 ext. 335 or Jmastronardi@berkshiremuseum.org


Upcoming MoMUs (Coming later in 2024) 

Ancient Storytelling
The Ancient Storytelling MoMU draws upon the arts, ELA, and history, borrowing from the museum’s collection of objects from ancient civilizations, tracing the storytelling found back to Mesopotamia and through the Egyptians, Romans, Mesoamericans, and more. An emphasis on oral and visual storytelling will drive this MoMU, drawing a direct connection to the comics and manga of today.

This MoMU has a wide scope, exploring not only specific plants but also the use of plants and the effect they have on our lives. It examines the evolution and adaptations that plants exhibit, especially the way that they protect themselves through a kind of chemical warfare against animals and against each other. It also identifies how humans have exploited plants, for good and bad.

What to Expect

Loan Agreement
MoMU’s are kept for a month to month period. During that time, you may wheel them wherever you’d like, but please be mindful of the objects inside. MoMU’s are delivered every other Friday (in months with five Fridays, the fifth Friday is skipped). The collections team needs two weeks advance notice to gather and document with objects for each MoMU.

Museum Educator-led Programming
Each MoMU comes with museum-written “activation lessons.” These lessons run between 45-60 minutes, and are described in the preceding pages. They are written by educators with both museum and classroom teaching experience, and meant to be an engaging way to expand upon the MoMU. Programming for community locations have the option of a 45-60 minute interactive lecture-style presentation.

Don’t see a MoMU in this guide that fits your needs? Contact us, and we can discuss a specialized MoMU. The Bugs MoMU began that way! Please keep in mind that MoMU creation is a months-long process, but we are happy to work on them for you!

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