The Geology MoMU displays several different rocks and minerals from the museum’s collection. This cycles and varies depending on availability, but a typical Geology MoMU might include materials such as geodes, marble, granite, quartz, calcite, or agate. The graphics explain the concept of Earth’s layers, plate tectonics, and mountains.

The Activation Lesson focuses on basic elements of rocks and minerals. This includes identifying the ways rocks and minerals impact our day-to-day lives, as well as activities which allows students to hone their skills of observation and inference by interacting with specimens from the museum’s collection.

Older learners then experiment with DIY seismographs, and begin to “read” the lines and squiggles, matching certain shapes with certain actions.

Core Standards

R.PK-12.1, R.PK-12.2, R.PK-12.4, SL.PK-12.1, SL.PK-12.4, SL.PK-12.6, L.PK-12.6

ES Standards

SL.K.3, SL.1.4, 2.PS.1.1, 2.ESS.2.4(MA), 4.ESS.1.1, 4.ESS.2.2, 4.ESS.2.2, 4.ESS.3.2

MS/HS Standards

6.ESS.1.4, 6.ESS.2.3, 7.MS.ESS.2.2, 7.MS.ESS.3.2, 8.MS.ESS.2.1, 8.ESS.3.1

HS.ESS1.5, HS.ESS2.3, HS.ESS3.1, HS.ESS.3.2, HS.ESS3.3