Under the Sea

The Under the Sea MoMU displays several different maritime objects from the museum’s collection. This cycles and varies depending upon availability, but a typical Under the Sea MoMU might include starfish, coral, and shells such as triton’s, abalone, and strombus.

The graphics include maps and diagrams of Earth’s oceans and ocean levels, mini-games such as “Find a fish,” and breathtaking images of aquatic life.

At the present time, we are adapting this activation lesson to make further use of the museum’s collections.

Core Standards

R.PK-12.1, R.PK-12.2, R.PK-12.4, SL.PK-12.1, SL.PK-12.4, SL.PK-12.6, L.PK-12.6

ES Standards

PreK.LS.1.1, PreK.LS.1.2, PreK.LS.1.3, PreK.LS.2.2, K.LS.1.1, K.LS.1.2, 1.LS.1.1, 1.LS.3.1, 2.LS.2.3, 2.LS.4.1

3.LS.3.1, 3.LS.3.2, 3.LS.4.3, 4.LS.1.1

MS/HS Standards

7.LS.1.4, 7.LS.2.2-2.4, 7.LS.2.6, 8.LS.4.4-4.5

HS.LS.2.1, HS.LS.2.7, HS.LS.4.5, HS.ETS.1.1-1.3