Muh-he-con-ne-ok: the People of the Waters That Are Never Still

The Muh-he-con-ne-ok MoMu displays a couple of objects related to Mohican culture. The graphics are adapted from the Fall 2021’s Muh-he-con-ne-ok: The People of the Waters That Are Never Still exhibit. This includes biographies of significant Mohican leaders as well as a timeline of Mohican history.

This MoMu also contains an audio-visual element: by pressing one of the buttons on the side, one can hear excerpts from interviews with Mohican elders.

In the Activation Lesson, learners feel and see the things that were important to Mohican culture: nature, tools, farming, and more.

This transitions to the way these pillars and customs were disrupted: settlers and displacement. It is a dive into the unfortunate story of why the Mohicans, the inhabitants of this land that the museum sits upon, are no longer here.

Core Standards

R.PK-12.1, R.PK-12.2, R.PK-12.4, SL.PK-12.1, SL.PK-12.4, SL.PK-12.6, L.PK-12.6

ES Standards

SL.PK-12.1, LPK-12.6, HSS.2.T1.01, HSS.2.T2.04, HSS.2.T3.01, HSS.2.T3.04

HSS.3.T1.02, HSS.3.T2.03, HSS.3.T3.03, HSS.3.T5.02, HSS.4.T4a.04, HSS.4.T4a.05, HSS.5.T1.01, HSS.5.T2.06, HSS.5.T4.05

MS/HS Standards

HSS.6.T2.06, 7.LS.2.4, 7.LS.2.6, HSS.8.T1.05, HSS.8.T2.01, HSS.8.T4.04, HSS.8.T4.10

RCA-H.9-10.1, RCA-H.9-10.2, RCA-H.9-10.6, RCA-H.9-10.9, RCA-H.11-12.1, RCA-H.11-12.2, RCA-H.11-12.6, HSS.US1.T6.05, HSS.USII.T4.08