Project Description

Berkshire Museum invited guest curator artist Maggie Mailer to inventively organize an exhibition that features paintings, photography, and prints from the Berkshire Museum’s permanent collection. The resulting exhibition, Wink: Pairings from the Berkshire Museum’s Collections, is the interpretive brainchild of Mailer, who chose to bring pairs of artworks together in heretofore unrealized relationships. The exhibition opens October 12, 2012, and remains on view through March 3, 2013.

Wink pairs paintings in a way that illuminates surprising shared elements found in common between two works of art. Although the paintings in each pair will be from different eras and genres, Mailer finds connections via composition, pattern, theme, attitude, or color. The surprising congruity reflected in the pairings seems at times almost deliberate, as if the works themselves are winking to each other across time and place. The connections range from the obvious to the tenuous; from humorous to dramatic; and are inspired by inquiry and creativity, rather than a scholarly, academic approach.

Above image: Ammi Phillips, Mrs Goodrich and Child, c. 1812, oil on canvas; Artist Unknown, Russian Icon, 16th century, tempura on wood panel with silver alloy