Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation

The Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation is an exciting, 3,000-square-foot interactive exhibition that celebrates the many innovators and innovations that have originated in the Berkshires and transformed the world.

Innovators & Innovations

From the first electrical transformer to the dance of Ted Shawn, this contemporary exhibit explores science, technology, culture, and history. Visitors will find inspiration in the stories of innovators of all ages and walks of life, from the past to the present, as they explore the unique nature of innovation and how the Berkshires have played a role in how we people live their lives around the world.

Experience innovations in science, technology, business, politics, culture, and the arts through original historical artifacts, works of art, video, and hands-on, interactive experiences for the whole family. Encounter the past, present, and future from telegraphs to blogs, from paper to plastics, from skiing to movie special effects in the Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation.


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Main floor

Perfect For All Ages

Made possible by the Feigenbaum Foundation.