Project Description


Whimsical, Wonderful Festival of Trees

November 18, 2017 through January 7, 2018

Tap into your dreams! Fueled by imagination and tales of fantasy and whimsy, visit an indoor forest of embellished trees – boasting unlikely marriages of objects, strange juxtapositions, and marvelous scenes. See holiday trees depicting a spectacular toy land, a lighthearted garden party, an amusing fun house, or even an enchanted castle. Trees will be decorated with bountiful collections of holiday keepsakes or medleys of trinkets, like amazing curio cabinets: dreamlike, surreal, and extraordinarily odd.

An added feature this year is a treasure hunt inspired by the childhood game of “I Spy” – each tree will have a unique object or ornament that will become part of a quizzical, fanciful treasure hunt for all to enjoy.

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