Project Description


Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs & Babies

On view May 14 through August 28, 2016

Take a rare and exciting look at the life of dinosaurs through their eggs, nests, and young in Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies. This remarkable hands-on exhibition includes an amazing collection of authentic dinosaur eggs and nests collected from all over the globe – including those of each of the major plant and meat-eating dinosaur groups. Each science-rich section is enhanced with colorful illustrations of dinosaur family life, creating a multi-media experience that helps give credence to long debated theories that dinosaurs and birds are closely related.

Tiny Titans is a captivating adventure for all ages. Visitors will be able to touch a real dinosaur bone; dig for dinosaur eggs in special dig pits; and dress up as a dinosaur parent protecting its nest of eggs. Exciting life-like models of embryos and hatchlings will be on view in the galleries along with stunning photographs and interviews featuring some of the world’s most renowned dinosaur hunters and their discoveries.

An opening reception will be held Friday, May 27, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The event will be an intergenerational celebration of two exciting exhibitions — Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies and Finding Raven: Art and Stories from the Northwest Coast. Visitors will be able to explore the galleries, discover the interactive stations, view real fossils and enjoy fine art representations of the lives of the dinosaurs. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children, and free for Museum members. Please RSVP to 413.443.7171 ext. 313.

The exhibition will be on view at the Berkshire Museum from Saturday, May 14, through Sunday, August 28, 2016.

Tiny Titans was organized in association with the Harvard Museum of Natural History, The University of Tennessee, and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies is generously sponsored by Greylock Federal Credit Union.

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