Project Description

Henry Klimowicz: Constructs, a collection of new and recent work fashioned, through Klimowicz’s distinct, careful method, from cardboard, was on view from January 15 to March 27, 2011.

The centerpiece of Constructs was “Disk II/Bright Star,” a circular work measuring 20-feet in diameter suspended from the ceiling of the Crane Room. Visitors could stand underneath the monolith and examine it from all angles. Paper and Light, another site-specific installation by Klimowicz, also was on view in the Wider Window Gallery.

The artist begins with disused cardboard and methodically transforms it into large-scale pieces, incorporating intricate patterns that suggest the work of bees, insects, and spiders. They display meticulous attention to detail and a meditative quality that encourages the viewer to engage at several levels, considering the artist’s process and the time invested in the work as well as its interplay between the concepts of waste and of aesthetic beauty. The work is playful and accessible, and implies a dialogue between art and the natural world that places it firmly within Berkshire Museum’s nexus of art, natural science, and history.

“Cardboard is simple and straightforward. It is also a severely limited material. It has an ever-present cultural bias related to its past uses as a container or its present statues as waste. I love that when I fully use the material it transcends its cultural confines,” Klimowicz says. “If I can make a beautiful thing from cardboard, I have then said that anything can be made valuable, fruitful, or hopeful. I see the work as very positive because of the lengths that have been traveled by the material from trash to beauty. It is a statement about the possible—that all things can be redeemed, often for more then what was deposited. And that creativity can be that redeemer.”