Project Description

Geckos: Tails to Toepads provided an up-close chance to view 14 different species of geckos in their own habitats. A host of interactive stations offered the full gecko experience: a first-hand look at gecko night vision, the many different voices of geckos, and an opportunity to spot all the camouflaged geckos.

Bulging eyes, sticky toepads, incredible night vision and disposable body parts-welcome to a gecko’s world! Geckos come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from across the globe. Some are shadowy nighttime hunters with unbelievable camouflage; others are neon-colored nectar eaters that scamper around in daylight. More than 1,000 different species have been found, and geckos have conquered every habitat imaginable-from balmy tropical beaches and lush rainforests to frigid mountain slopes and parched deserts.

Typos of geckos included in the exhibition were the giant day gecko, giant frog-eyed gecko, gliding gecko, new Caledonian giant gecko, satanic leaf-tailed gecko, Bibron’s gecko, crested gecko, fan fingered gecko, tokay gecko, giant leaf-tailed gecko, Chinese cave gecko, skunk gecko, leopard gecko, and jewel day gecko.

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