Project Description



January 24 through May 3, 2015

If Then logo - Open through May 3

This new exhibition is all about inspired rule-breaking and the exploration of irrational creativity. For children it is a chance to freely climb, jump, and explore the large-scale sculptural structures in the galleries; for older children and adults it’s an opportunity to release the confines of rational thought and re-engage with their own childhood. The two designers are working with illustrator Greg Matusic to create a visual vocabulary for If/Then, comprised of vibrant symbols and graphics that will guide visitors of all ages through the creative play space without written words.

The four large galleries offer a series of interactive stations intended to engage the senses: museum-goers will interpret scents, identify objects through touch, and speak and listen to messages sent through an intriguing system of tubes and tunnels. Visitors will be able to try a series of innovative drawing stations, jump onto a giant hopscotch board, and venture into a walk-in “kaleidoscope” experience.

Part labyrinth, part artful fun-house, If/Then is designed to challenge the visitors to think differently about their surroundings, much as early learners experience the world, as a surprising place full of discovery and adventure. Each gallery holds a new adventure for kids, families, and visitors of all ages as they encounter the artful installations and physical, emotional, and magical interactions along the way.