Project Description

From the Collection

Objects and their Stories

Civil War Surgeon’s Kit
On view March 9 through April 29, 2018

One object or artwork from the Museum’s collection forms the centerpiece of this exciting new gallery experience. The chosen item is exhibited with all the diverse stories it inspires, allowing visitors to explore its history, context, manufacture, use, and effect as well as seeing related or supporting objects from the collection.

The first object to be explored is a surgeon’s kit from the Civil War and visitors will learn about the doctor who owned it, the battles where it was used, the medical procedures common at that time, and what it would have been like to be a patient in the 1860s.

The exhibits in this gallery will change every two months, allowing a range of objects and artwork to be explored, from the Edward Moran painting of Henry Hudson’s ship entering New York harbor in 1609 to specimens of quartz and an array of objects made from quartz, such as porcelain and glass. Drawing on the Museum’s extensive collections across the disciplines of history, science, and art will ensure that visitors will discover fascinating details about some of the Museum’s seldom-seen treasures.