Project Description

Below the lobby level at the Berkshire Museum, guests can find themselves swimming between the dark, deep blue walls of the Aquarium face to face with many species of fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and more.

The creatures on display in the more than 35 tanks of the Aquarium include clownfish, blind cave fish, seahorses, a panther chameleon, boa constrictors, a python, leopard geckos, and an emperor scorpion, plus many more. The aquarium also houses a large collection of poison dart frogs in a self-sustaining terrarium habitat.

In addition to providing guests access to a wide range of animals, the Museum is an active participant in many ecological and conservation projects. Each year the Museum serves as a host to endangered Red-bellied Cooters, a type of turtle native to the town of Plymouth and Carver Massachusetts, as part of a state-wide species Head Start Program. The young turtles spend their vulnerable months at the Museum and are released once they are bigger and have a greater chance at survival. Thanks in part to this program experts believe the population of the Plymouth red-bellied turtles to have increased from about 300 to over 2,000 due to this program.

Our education team uses the animals in the Aquarium to teach programs about the native wildlife and ecosystems of the Berkshires, animal adaptations, and environmental science. Please feel free to join us for Chow Time every Saturday at 12:30pm, to lend a hand in preparing the meals for many of our Aquarium residents.


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