Berkshire Museum Staff Directory

Phone: 413-443-7171 ♦ Fax: 413-443-2135


Van Shields, Executive Director    x301


Support Services

Jon Provost, Chief Support Services Officer    x302

Brent Ashby, Guest Services Manager    x361

Betty Connally, Finance/HR Associate    x303

Brian Warner, Building Manager     x370



Nina Garlington, Chief Engagement Officer    x311

Lesley Ann Beck, Senior Communications Manager    x320

William Blaauw, Special Events Manager    x313

Kimberly Donoughe, Marketing and Brand Manager    x321

Tracey Rock, Museum Shop Manager    x322

Lo Sottile, Development Manager    x312



Craig Langlois, Chief Experience Officer   x331

Johanna Batman, School and Teacher Program Specialist    x335

Harry Park, Public Program Specialist    x332

Jesseca Williamson, Early Education Specialist    x334



Collections Manager       XXX

John Brancazzu, Aquarium Staff    x351

Scott Jervas, Aquarium Manager    x350

Jason Verchot, Exhibitions Manager    x341