Project Description

Berkshire Museum presents an exhibition of large-scale photographs by members of the Berkshire Museum Camera Club to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the club. The Big Picture: Berkshire Museum Camera Club 75th Anniversary Exhibition will be on view from Thursday, June 14, through Sunday, September 16. A reception will be held on June 14 from 5 to 7 p.m., free and open to the public.

Photographs for the exhibition, printed in large format for maximum visual impact, cover a wide range of topics and techniques, from awe-inspiring landscapes to meticulous still lifes, sensitive portraits to enigmatic infrared images. The four seasons are magnificently represented, as are various regions across the globe, from the Sahara to Mumbai to Morocco. The beautiful Berkshires are well documented as well, with images captured at Naumkeag, Hancock Shaker Village, and in the quiet woods.

John R. Stomberg, Florence Finch Abbott Director of the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, and Maria Mingalone, Berkshire Museum director of interpretation, are co-curators of the exhibition. Thirty-six members of the Berkshire Museum Camera Club (BMCC) have had an image selected for the show.

“In recognition of the BMCC’s 75th Anniversary, we wanted to acknowledge the great changes in photography that have taken place since 1937 when the Club was established,” notes Mount Holyoke’s Stomberg. “At that time, LIFE magazine had just become a hit and there was great excitement for the kind of candid photography made possible by small cameras and roll film; today, digital technology offers photographers the opportunity to create large-scale color prints that were unimaginable in 1937. The Big Picture celebrates a great milestone for the BMCC and an exciting moment in the history of photography.”

“All of the club members share an enthusiasm and passion for the medium of photography, and the long standing relationship with the museum is something alone worth celebrating!” comments Maria Mingalone, director of interpretation and co-curator of the exhibition. “That is also why we felt it was important to support every member who submitted work.”

The Camera Club members whose work is included in the exhibition are Robert Behr, Shirley Blanchard, Steve Blanchard, Bruce Carnevale, Denise Brazie Chandler, Craig Clemow, Rebecca L. Cornwell, Bea DaSilva, Nathan Doctrow, Henry R. Dondi, Jeanne B. Driscoll, Virginia K. Ford, Susan Geller, Art Gordon, Ian Grey, Susan Keiper, Abbey Keith, Adam Kozik, Sharon S. Lips, Arnold Mazurenko, John F. Messerschmitt, Bob Moncy, Diana Norton, David O’Brien, Stephen Radin, Alan Rubin, Al Sartori, Betty Sartori, Myron Schiffer, Cesar E. Silva, Jack Sprano, Doug Stalker, Bob Taylor, a.e.Voelker, Joel A. Wolk, and JoeZ (Joe Ziemlak).

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Above: Rebecca Cornwell – Revelation