Project Description

Learn the true story of bats when Berkshire Museum presents the exhibition, Bats: Creatures of the Night, from January 19 to May 12, 2013. Some people think of bats as scary, squeaky night-flying creatures, but these hugely misunderstood flying mammals don’t deserve their bad reputation: in reality, bats are gentle animals that play an extremely important role in the environment. Bats: Creatures of the Night is proudly sponsored by Greylock Federal Credit Union.

Bats: Creatures of the Night, which originated with Evergreen Exhibitions, features a rich array of video, photography, life-like models, and interactive stations, all relating the story of the only mammal that flies. Discover bat habitats and where the different species live around the globe. Match different kinds of bats with their preferred foods. Explore life-size models of a variety of bats, from the Fisher Bat and the Honduran White Bat to the Gray-headed Flying Fox Bat. View exciting photographs of bats in action, featuring the Gambian Epauleted Fruit Bat and the Mexican Free-tailed Bat, among many others.

Complementing the exhibition, Berkshire Museum will present a gallery focused specifically on local bat species found in the Berkshires. Visitors will learn about the conditions that are threatening the North American bat population, including the latest information on the pervasive and destructive white nose syndrome. Specimens of bats found in the area will be included, but because the bat population is so fragile, there are no live bats in the exhibition.

Photo courtesy Evergreen Exhibitions

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