Berkshire Museum Announces Nine Works in Second Sale Group

Nine additional art works will be offered for sale to reach the goal of $55 million set through an agreement between the Berkshire Museum and the Office of the Attorney General and approved by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

Working through Sotheby’s, the museum will aim for private sales for these works, aiming to keep them in the public view:

  • Albert Bierstadt, Giant Redwood Trees of California
  • Alexander Calder, Dancing Torpedo Shape
  • Thomas Wilmer Dewing, Two Ladies in a Drawing Room/The White Dress
  • George Henry Durrie, Hunter in Winter Wood
  • Thomas Moran, The Last Arrow
  • Charles Wilson Peale, Portrait of General David Forman
  • Benjamin West, Daniel Interpreting to Belshazzar the Handwriting on the Wall

Sotheby’s will offer these works in their Asia Week auctions in September 2018:

  • A Ten-Panel Coromandel ‘Birthday’ Screen, Qing Dynasty, Kangxi Period, Dated Jisi Year, Corresponding to 1689
  •  A Large Blue and White ‘Dragon’ Vase, Qing Dynasty, 18th / Early 19th Century