A personal look at the extraordinary life, career and artistry of Alexander McQueen. Through exclusive interviews with his closest friends and family, recovered archives, exquisite visuals and music, McQueen is an authentic celebration and thrilling portrait of an inspired yet tortured fashion visionary.

Documentary, not rated, 1 hr. 51 min., 2018


Woman at War

Woman at War  Showtimes

Friday, March 22, 7:00 pm
Saturday, March 23, 7:00 pm
Sunday, March 24, 7:00 pm
Monday, March 25, 1:30 pm
Monday, March 25, 7:00 pm

Halla is a 50-year-old environmental activist who crusades against the local aluminum industry in Iceland. As her actions grow bolder, her life changes in the blink of an eye when she’s finally granted permission to adopt a girl from Ukraine.

Thriller/Comedy, not rated, 1 hr. 41 min., 2018

The Brink

The Brink Showtimes

Friday, March 29, 7:00 pm
Saturday, March 30, 7:00 pm
Sunday, March 31, 7:00 pm
Monday, April 1, 1:30 pm
Monday, April 1, 7:00 pm

After leaving the Trump administration, embattled former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is free to peddle influence as a perceived kingmaker in an effort to spread his brand of extreme nationalism to the rest of the world. Tracking his moves through the 2018 American mid-term elections, director Alison Klayman’s startling fly-on-the-wall documentary sheds light on Bannon’s efforts to mobilize and unify far-right parties, starting in Europe with controversial figures like Nigel Farage, Jérôme Rivière, Matteo Salvini, Filip Dewinter and Kent Ekeroth.

Documentary, not rated, 1 hr. 35 min, 2019