Saturday Morning Cartoons


Saturdays through May 9,
10:15 to 11 am

Enjoy classic Warner Brothers cartoons with the family. Relive your childhood and share those special Looney Tunes gags with a new generation. All ages welcome.

$3 per person, free for Museum members and children under 3. Prices and showtimes subject to change. Guardians are encouraged to review film ratings and content before allowing minors to attend.


Duet for Cannibals

A secretary is subjected to a power game by his new employer, an exiled former revolutionary leader and his wife.

Drama, 1 hr 45 min, Not Rated, 1969

Warrior Women


7:00 pm, Friday, March 27
7:00 pm, Saturday, March 28
7:00 pm, Sunday, March 29
7:00 pm, Monday, March 30

A documentary which details the life of Lakota activist and community organizer Madonna Thunder Hawk, whose career fighting for Indigenous and women’s rights has now spanned over 50 years.

Documentary, 1 hr 5 min, Not Rated, 2018