What Is A Legless Lizard?

It may look like a snake, but what you are looking at is in fact a European Legless Lizard (Pseudopus apodus). This curious creature does share many of the same attributes with its reptilian brethren, such as laying eggs and having bodies that roughly form an S-shape. However, they are two very different species and can be easily distinguished from one another by the trained eye. Snakes have unhinged jaws that can stretch to swallow prey that is much larger than their heads, while legless lizards can only eat prey that will fit in their “locked” mouths. However, these appendage-lacking reptiles also have movable eyelids and ear openings, while the snake has neither. And, being lizards, they can detach their tail as a way to throw off predators. This has also granted them the nickname of “Glass Lizards”, as their tails seem to shatter like glass. In addition to this amazing reptile there are many others that live at the Berkshire Museum Aquarium, such as the Blue-Tongued Skink, another snake-like lizard, which uses its blue mouth coloring to scare off any predators by fooling them into thinking it is poisonous. Kids and their parents will also love to see the various species of fish, amphibians and insects on display at this incredible exhibit, located in the basement of the Berkshire Museum.


European Legless Lizard being held by handler.


Blue-Tongued Skink.


The Aquarium at the Berkshire Museum.


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