By Sean W. Coakley

Come to this exhibit and be blown away by the vibrant paintings of dinosaurs by artist Luis V. Rey that are featured here. These include images of smaller dinosaurs, like the Psittacosaurus, fighting for everyday survival as they flee the prehistoric mammal predators, Repenomamus robustus. There are also ones that show dinosaurs in their final moments. Kids and adults alike will be intrigued by the dozens of impressive models of baby dinos on display. These are on view along with real fossilized skeletons and eggs, like the huge ones laid by the Titanosaur. Tiny Titans includes many informative videos full of interesting details from sources such as the Peabody Museum at Yale University and others. Through all this, your children will uncover hundreds of fascinating fossil facts, like how most dinosaurs were actually more closely related to modern-day birds than reptiles. Or that most dinosaurs weren’t killed by a meteorite but by much more earthly weather phenomenon, like sandstorms and earthquakes. They’ll also get the chance to discover the science of paleontology in our interactive exhibits, which will have them digging for their own dinosaur bones. Of course, there are also educational books to further teach your children about the smallest kinds of these prehistoric giants, such as Dr. Seuss’ Oh, Can You Say Di-no-saur. Some of them are picture books that contain drawings by Luis V. Rey, the same artist who drew many of the spectacularly detailed paintings on the wall. And, best of all, almost every book on display can be bought at the gift shop downstairs for your children to take home and enjoy!