Is your family ready for kindergarten?

Five years ago the Museum identified a need in the community for help with the transition to kindergarten and made a list of things we could do to help. First, we wrote a book called In Kindergarten. The book is a way for children entering kindergarten to experience the sights and sounds of school and understand the things they’re expected to be able to do, it helps kids and parents talk about what they’re experiencing.

Photo of copies of the book In Kindergarten

In Kindergarten the book

 “It’s something that everyone goes through and it’s the beginning for a lot of students of their formal educational years. It’s a point where we need to focus our attention and energy to get kids and parents ready for the education that happens beyond that,” says Craig Langlois, chief experience officer.

This year the Museum is offering three brand new summer camps for kids going in to Pre-K and kindergarten, designed specifically to fit their needs and skills. In Lego Camp, kids will be given lots of fun open-ended challenges to build rocket ships, cars, and cities, and will also have time to free build. Kids enrolled in the Music Camp will receive a simple introduction to music, learn how to play and follow a basic rhythm, and experiment with different instruments.  In our Icky, Messy, and Gooey Camp, kids will become kitchen scientists making crazy concoctions with everyday items, as well as learning the twisted chemistry of the common ingredients in our kitchen cabinets.

Child writing the alphabet

Child practices the alphabet

Kindergarten is the first stage in of the crucial formative years so it’s important to get everyone off on the right foot. One of the best ways to help your kids is simply to talk to them. Talk to them about what they’re scared about going in to kindergarten; tell them what you’re nervous about and work through the worries and fears as a team.

Transitioning to kindergarten can be a stressful time for kids and families alike, but the Museum is here to help!