Congratulations to Berkshire-based artist John MacDonald for winning the Berkshire Museum’s Art of the Hills 2018 Community Choice Award! Museum guests voted for their favorite Art of the Hills piece via ballot box throughout the exhibition. The winning painting, titled Long Winter Dusk 12 x 24, oil on linen, will be on view – along with other works – when the Berkshire Museum hosts MacDonald’s solo show in 2019.


MacDonald describes his process of creating Contemplative Landscapes: “My love of realism is directly tied to my love of the craft of painting. To build a solidly believable space of form, light, and atmosphere from the fluid dabs and smears of oil paints is a endless challenge and a perpetual joy. Influenced by the American tonalists and the classic poets of China, I strive to say as much as possible with as little as possible–to subtly suggest rather than to overtly describe. My subject matter is mood. I wish to leave some mystery in a painting, something unresolved that allows the viewer to explore the painting and make discoveries within it.”

To learn more about John MacDonald and explore his portfolio visit:

Juried winners Pat Hogan and John Clarke will also be featured in their own solo shows throughout the 2019 season. The Berkshire Museum will host another juried exhibition in June of 2020, continuing a long Berkshire Museum tradition of exhibiting the work of accomplished local artists, and celebrating the rich, creative culture of the region.