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BerkshireNow: Joan Palano Ciolfi

The BerkshireNow gallery features the vibrant and atmospheric works of Joan Palano Ciolfi.  Trained in fine arts, graphics, and textile design, Ciolfi has explored the use of various mediums. Ciolfi’s show features recent works, all completed in the last two years. The abstract landscapes are based on Berkshire views, with trees and clouds interpreted with layers of texture in saturated, […]

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Immortal Present: Art and East Asia

The Berkshire Museum’s expansive collection of art from East Asia is the cornerstone of Immortal Present, and includes scroll paintings, sculptures, screens, prints, netsuke, and other fine and decorative art objects. These splendid objects range in date from circa 600 B.C.E. onwards, with many from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. Captivating images depicting life […]

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Spark!Lab is an educational, interactive work space developed at the Smithsonian Institution by the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the National Museum of American History (NMAH). Spark!Lab is a hands-on, creative laboratory that engages children and families in the process of innovation. Spark!Lab features ten activities that challenge visitors to solve […]

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Berkshire Museum Objectify 3

Objectify: A Look into the Permanent Collection

Berkshire Museum presents Objectify: A Look into the Permanent Collection, a major new exhibition of some of the most significant and fascinating objects from the Museum’s holdings of more than 40,000 artworks, specimens, and artifacts. Objectify is proudly sponsored by Crane & Co. and TD Bank. The exhibition is part of the year-long celebration of the […]

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Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation

Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation

The Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation is an exciting, 3,000-square-foot interactive exhibition that celebrates the many innovators and innovations that have originated in the Berkshires and transformed the world. From the first electrical transformer to the dance of Ted Shawn, the exhibit explores science, technology, culture, and history. The goal is for visitors to take inspiration […]

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Berkshire Backyard

Berkshire Backyard

In the Berkshires, forests, fields, lakes and streams provide homes for birds, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. From bullet beetles and bull frogs to black bears and black-throated blue warblers, there are thousands of species of animals living in this unique environment. Get to know the many species of Berkshire animals. See how many […]

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Rocks and Minerals

The Gallery of Rocks and Minerals displays a wide variety of rocks and minerals from near and far. Compare and contrast igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in their natural state, view a beautiful collection of polished stones, and see a real meteorite. Watch minerals fluoresce and use a Geiger counter to learn about natural radioactivity. […]

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Miniatures 01

World in Miniature

The fourteen miniature scenes depicting animals and plants in their native habitats that comprise the World in Miniature were created by Louis Paul Jonas, a sculptor and taxidermist recognized for the fine quality of his work, which has appeared in many museums around the world. These dioramas were built and installed over a period of […]

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Below the lobby level at the Berkshire Museum, guests can find themselves swimming between the dark, deep blue walls of the Aquarium face to face with many species of fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and more. The creatures on display in the more than 35 tanks of the Aquarium include clownfish, blind cave fish, seahorses, a panther […]

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