Berkshire Museum depends on the support of our community to sustain our mission. On behalf of the Trustees and staff of the Berkshire Museum, we would like to thank the following individuals for their recent generous contributions made through membership, the annual fund, special events, and the capital campaign.

Christine and Leslie Abramowitz

Michael and Courtney Addy

Monica and Osmin Alvarez

Katherine and Bill Aron

Leni and Paul Aronson

Margaret and Donald Austin

Susan Baker and Michael Lynch

Elaine and Robert Baum

Mary and Alan Bauman

Jennifer Bayne

Stephen Bayne and Bernadette Patynski

Margaret and James Beauregard

Lesley Ann Beck and Albert Leu

Stephanie Beling

Winifred and Lee Bell

Joyce Bernstein and Lawrence M. Rosenthal

Roberta and George Berry

Theresa and Daniel Bianchi

Lawrence Bigelow

Elizabeth and Jay Bikofsky

Sydelle and Lee Blatt

Barbara Petit and C.J. Bolster

Vicki Bonnington and David Schecker

Nicholas Boraski

Jane and Jay Braus

Lisa and James Cervone

Myron Chefetz

Anthony Chojnowski and Joe Goodwin

Elaine and Michael Christopher

Kathryn and Mark Clatterbaugh

Susan and Gerald Cohen

Terrie and David Comalli

Judith and C. Jeffrey Cook

Mary and James Cooper

Cynthia and Martin Cooper

Gale and Christopher Crane

Ruth Blodgett and David W. Crane

Cynthia and Oliver Curme

Catharine Deely

James Dicke

James and Michele Dodge

Edward Domaney

Elizabeth and Jonas Dovydenas

Susan Dumont and Gordon Dinsmore

Henry Dunlop

Howard J. Eberwein III and Lareina Higuera

Judy and Keith Edwards

Sharon Edwards and Robert Maloy

Ursula Ehret-Dichter

Elaine and Edwin Eisen

Virginia and George Elvin

Renee and Steven Erenburg

Reba and Bruce Evenchik

Helen and Albert Febbo

Armand Feigenbaum

Eunice and Carl Feinberg

Nancy Edman Feldman

Renata Ferrari and Brett Robbins

Marcia and Jonathan Feuer

James Finkel

Isanne and Sanford Fisher

Floriana and John FitzGerald

Mary and Henry Flynt

Audrey and Ralph Friedner

Alexandra Fuchs and Gideon Argov

Magda Gabor-Hotchkiss

Laurie and Joseph Gallagher

Edna and Ivan Garshelis

Mary Ellen Giffels

Geraldine and Stephen Gilbert

Lisa and Michael Glantz

Marita and David Glodt

Sharon and Barry Gomez

Wendy and Peter Gordon

Susan and Richard Gotz

Suzanne Green

Gussie and Peter Greer

Hannah and Mark Gross

Stacy McCann and Allen Hamlin

Ellen and Scott Hand

Rosemary and Lawrence Harnett

Mary Harrison

Tracy and Jeffrey Hiltpold

Jennifer and William Hines, Jr.

Susie and Stuart Hirshfield

Joan and James Hunter

Mary and Michael Huth

Lola Jaffe

Marianne and Richard Jaffe

Leslie and Stephen Jerome

Nancy Kalodner

Ellen Kennedy and Mark Gold

Susan and Charles Kittredge

Judy and John Kittredge

Henry Klein

Jayme Kurland and Ethan Klepetar

Toby and Paul Koren

Sandra Krakoff

Diane Krane and Myles J. Slosberg

Donna and John Krenicki

Norma and Sol Kugler

Marilyn Larkin

Jacqueline Lautin

Diane and Thomas Leavitt

Arlene and Jerome Levine

Ann Levine

Nannette Lewis

Sharon Lips

Susan and David Lombard

Jo Anne and Christopher Magee

Catherine and Matthew Mandel

Joyce and John Marchisio

Jennifer and Ben Markens

Jane and Robert Mayer

Lynne and Michael Mazzeo

Buzz and Robin McGraw

Enid Michelman

Mary Mullen and Laurence Oberwager

Patrick Muraca

Elissa Myers and Shelly Friedman

Mary and Seth Nash

Caitlin and Mitchell Nash

Suzanne Nash

James and Heidi Nejaime

Joan and Harold Nelson

Jeffrey and Brenda Noble

John G. Paladino and Emily Rechnitz

Sienna Patti and Leonardo Quiles

Marilyn and Tom Patti

Katherine and Bo Peabody

Claudia and Steven Perles

Mandy and Raymond Pieczarka

Judith Pierson

Letty and Bert Pogrebin

Margaret Poutasse

Marianna Poutasse and Eric Korenman

Claire Pryor

Minkie and Bruno Quinson

Carol and Sheldon Rabin

Marian and Marshall Raser

Mary and Peter Rentz

Gloria and James Riordan

Carol and Michael Riordan

Peggy Rivers and Van Shields

Elaine and Bernard Roberts

Adele Rodbell

David Rosenthal

Lydia Rosner

Karen and Jeffrey Ross

Georgeanne and Jean Rousseau

Rosita Sarnoff and Beth Sapery

Elizabeth and Wynn Sayman

Melissa and Matthew Scarafoni

Laurie and Martin Schwartz

Sol Schwartz

Elizabeth and Mark Selkowitz

Alli and Patrick Sheehan

Elizabeth and Thomas Sherman

Arthur Sherman

Sharon and Ira Siegel

Shawn and Nicholas Simon

Carla and Edward Slomin

Anne Felton Spencer

Lauren Spitz

Jonathan Swartz

Barbara Syer

Marilyn Sygrove and Dennis Greenstein

Asodore Tavitian

Ingrid and Richard Taylor

Caroline and James Taylor

Lee T. Venolia and John W. Thoman, Jr.

Jacqueline and Albert Togut

Susan and Denis Toner

Terry and Arthur Wasser

Stacey and Jeffrey Weber

Claudia E. Wells

Laurie and Jan Werner

Joseph Wheaton and Richard Lipez

Michele and Peter Willmott

Gertrude de G. Wilmers

Alice and George Wislocki

Adrienne and William Wootters

Mary Ann and Louis Yarmosky

Judy and Manny Yvars

George Zahringer

Enid and Melvin Zuckerman

Linda Zukowski