BerkshireNow: Melissa Matsuki Lillie


BerkshireNow: Melissa Matsuki Lillie September 2 through November 20, 2016 Exhibition Opening:  Friday, September 2, from 5 to 8 p.m., in [...]

BerkshireNow: Daniel Brody


BerkshireNow: Daniel Brody The work of award-winning filmmaker and artist Daniel Brody will be on view in the BerkshireNow [...]

Finding Raven: Art and Stories from the Northwest Coast


Finding Raven: Art and Stories from the Northwest Coast May 28 through October 30, 2016 Travel to the Northwest [...]

Living on Earth: The Work of Robert Hite


Living on Earth: The Work of Robert Hite This dual-site exhibition is on view at Hancock Shaker Village and Berkshire [...]

Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs & Babies


Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs & Babies Take a rare and exciting look at the life of dinosaurs through their [...]

BerkshireNow: Stephen Dietemann


The BerkshireNow gallery space at the Berkshire Museum will feature an innovative exhibition of the work of architect Stephen Dietemann, [...]

Liminal Artifacts: Recent Paintings by Joe Goodwin


Liminal Artifacts: Recent Paintings by Joe Goodwin, a solo show by the Berkshire-based artist, will be on view in the [...]



The family-friendly exhibition ArtZoo is on view at the Berkshire Museum this winter from January 23 to May 1, 2016. Set [...]

BerkshireNow: Peter Gordon


Wolves Protest Opening of Pine Woods Resort and Conference Center by Peter Gordon The BerkshireNow gallery space at [...]

American West


A scenic view of arches in a national park in Utah. Monument Valley, 2001. Photo by Bruce Dale/National Geographic [...]

Festival of Trees 2015: Westward Ho Ho Ho!


It’s a grand celebration of the American West with the Festival of Trees 2015: Westward Ho Ho Ho! on view to the [...]

Past: BerkshireNow: Michael Boroniec


The BerkshireNow gallery space at the Berkshire Museum will feature a solo exhibition of complex ceramics by Michael Boroniec, September [...]

Powered Narratives: Photographer John Stanmeyer


Powered Narratives, a solo show of photographs by award-winning photographer John Stanmeyer, will be on view at the Berkshire Museum [...]

PAST: ChimaTEK: Beta Launch


ChimaTEK Beta, an installation of innovative projections by Saya Woolfalk, will be on view June 12 through August 9, 2015, [...]

PAST: BerkshireNow: Joan Palano Ciolfi


The new BerkshireNow gallery space at the Berkshire Museum features a show  of vivid, color-rich paintings by Joan Palano Ciolfi, [...]

Past: Immortal Present: Art and East Asia


Illuminating the rich and diverse legacy of East Asian art, from its origins in the distant past to compelling current [...]

PAST: Into the Light

Known for his spectacular depictions of the Berkshire Hills, the Housatonic River, and other compelling outdoor scenes from farther afield, [...]

PAST: BerkshireNow: Empty Set Projects

The inaugural BerkshireNow exhibition, curated by Maria Mingalone, features Pittsfield-based artists Michael McKay, Monika Pizzichemi, and Marcel Bova, who comprise [...]

PAST: If/Then

This new exhibition is all about inspired rule-breaking and the exploration of irrational creativity. For children it is a chance [...]

PAST: Festival of Trees on Safari

Festival of Trees features creative holiday trees sponsored by businesses, schools, and community organizations, inspired by this year’s theme of On [...]

PAST: Lions & Tigers and Bears: Through the Lens with National Geographic

Lions are universally recognized as symbols of royalty and courage, but there is much more to know and appreciate about [...]


Spark!Lab is an educational, interactive work space developed at the Smithsonian Institution by the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention [...]


Community Access to the Arts (CATA) presents “I Am a Part of Art,” a celebration of CATA’s visual artists and [...]


Butterflies explores one of Earth's most unique living creatures along with the fascination they inspire in humans across the globe. Experience the [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Berkshire Collects

Berkshire Collects showcases Berkshire County residents’ passionate pursuit of every imaginable kind of object from rare motorcycles to wind-up toys, [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Festival of Trees 2013: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Berkshire Museum presents the 29th annual Festival of Trees 2013: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow featuring more than 100 dazzling holiday [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Radical Traditionalism

Berkshire Museum presents Radical Traditionalism, an exhibition of works by two area-based painters, Janet Rickus and Colin Brant, curated by [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Exquisite Illusion

Berkshire Museum presents Exquisite Illusion, a show of paintings by Warner Friedman and assemblages by Michael Zelehoski, curated by Van [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: PaperWorks: The Art and Science of an Extraordinary Material

Berkshire Museum presents PaperWorks: The Art and Science of an Extraordinary Material, a new exhibition that explores paper as a source [...]

Window on the World: A Look into the Permanent Collection

Berkshire Museum presents Window on the World: A Look into the Permanent Collection, a major exhibition of some of the [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Nature Magnified: Photographs by Andreas Feininger

Berkshire Museum presents the new exhibition, Nature Magnified: Photographs by Andreas Feininger, from February 2 through June 2, 2012. Encompassing [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Ansel Adams: Masterworks

Berkshire Museum presents the special photography exhibition Ansel Adams: Masterworks from February 9 to June 2, 2013. The exhibition features [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Bats: Creatures of the Night

Learn the true story of bats when Berkshire Museum presents the exhibition, Bats: Creatures of the Night, from January 19 [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Wink: Pairings from the Berkshire Museum’s Collections

Berkshire Museum invited guest curator artist Maggie Mailer to inventively organize an exhibition that features paintings, photography, and prints from [...]


Images of the elegant, elusive orchid will be showcased in a special exhibition at Berkshire Museum, opening October 12 and [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Rethink! American Indian Art at Berkshire Museum

The innovative exhibition, Rethink! American Indian Art at Berkshire Museum, features both striking contemporary art and important historic art objects, [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: The BIG Picture: Berkshire Museum Camera Club 75th Anniversary Exhibition

Berkshire Museum presents an exhibition of large-scale photographs by members of the Berkshire Museum Camera Club to commemorate the seventy-fifth [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Liz Whitney Quisgard: Kaleidoscope

Liz Whitney Quisgard: Kaleidoscope will be on view in Berkshire Museum from May 24 through October 21, 2012. The exhibition [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Candid Birds: Photography from the Berkshire Museum Camera Club

Candid Birds: Photography from the Berkshire Museum Camera Club, on view in the Wider Window Gallery through July 1, features vibrant [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Tom Patti: Velocity Echo and Echoes in Space

Tom Patti, the Pittsfield-based artist internationally renowned for his innovative work in glass, was commissioned by Berkshire Museum to create [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: David Henderson: A Brief History of Aviation

Berkshire Museum presents David Henderson: A Brief History of Aviation, from March 10 through May 13, 2012; the exhibition features [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Morgan Bulkeley: Bird Story

Flocks of meticulously rendered owls, hawks, spoonbills, and birds of all descriptions swoop and soar across the fifteen large paintings [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Bryan Nash Gill: Beyond the Landscape

Bryan Nash Gill creates abstract sculptures, works on paper, and installations that are inextricably bound to the materials and inspiration [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Taking Flight: Audubon and the World of Birds

On earth since the dinosaur, birds—the fascinating creatures that flock, roost, migrate, sing, fly, and have adapted to some of [...]

World in Miniature

The fourteen miniature scenes depicting animals and plants in their native habitats that comprise the World in Miniature were [...]

Rocks and Minerals

The Gallery of Rocks and Minerals displays a wide variety of rocks and minerals from near and far. Compare [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Race to the Top: Arctic Inspiration 1909 & Today

One hundred years ago, six intrepid men—the legendary Polar explorer Admiral Robert E. Peary and fellow adventurer Matthew Henson, accompanied [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous: Art of the Arsenal, on view at Berkshire Museum from January 23 through June 6, 2010, explored [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: MC Escher: Seeing the Unseen

A major show of the work of one of the 20th century’s most popular artists, MC Escher: Seeing the Unseen, [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Henry Klimowicz: Constructs

Henry Klimowicz: Constructs, a collection of new and recent work fashioned, through Klimowicz’s distinct, careful method, from cardboard, was on [...]

Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation

The Feigenbaum Hall of Innovation is an exciting, 3,000-square-foot interactive exhibition that celebrates the many innovators and innovations that [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Hudson River School

The massive canvases of the Hudson River School painters thrilled 19th century American viewers who attended unveilings like current audiences [...]


Exhibitions of freaks, monstrosities, and marvels of nature were seen in traveling shows throughout Europe and America during the Victorian [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: P.T. Barnum and the American Circus Tradition

It was P.T. Barnum who defined the American circus experience as we know it today—the big top with three rings, [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Capturing the Big Top

The Circus World Museum houses one of the largest collections of circus artifacts in the world, including historic circus photographs [...]

PAST: Dinosaurs & Paleontology

The Gallery of Dinosaurs and Paleontology combines a fascinating fossil collection with opportunities for active exploration. Find out how fossils [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Alexander Calder: An Artist at Play

The world knows Alexander Calder as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, but in 1927, he was [...]


Below the lobby level at the Berkshire Museum, guests can find themselves swimming between the dark, deep blue walls [...]

Berkshire Backyard

In the Berkshires, forests, fields, lakes and streams provide homes for birds, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. From [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Clues to the Ancient World

The ancient peoples of Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, and Mesopotamia created complex civilizations. Study the tools and relics from these [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Under the Big Top: Festival of Trees 2011

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, for Under the Big Top: Festival of Trees 2011. [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Roberto Juarez: Mural Paintings, 2000-2011

Berkshire Museum presented a selection of large-scale paintings by Roberto Juarez, from June 11 - October 22, 2011. Inspired by his [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Collectors’ Choice: Selections from the Jay and Jane Braus Collection

From May 21 - October 11, 2011, Berkshire Museum threw the doors open wide on the private collection of Jane [...]

PAST EXHIBITION: Geckos: Tails to Toepads

Geckos: Tails to Toepads provided an up-close chance to view 14 different species of geckos in their own habitats. A [...]