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Creative Disruption is a journal for my boots-on-the-ground professional development sabbatical. This blog records observations, and reflections of my work with two museums on the west coast; I am working with Nina Simon to see what participation means to her and her team at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH), and partnering with Marla Berns and the staff at the Fowler Museum on the UCLA campus to explore social media and audience development.

-Maria Mingalone, Berkshire Museum Director of Interpretation


See image. Repeat Action.

by Craig Langlois, Education and Public Program Manager and co-designer of If/Then Stop and think of the first time you remember visiting a museum. Where were you? What did you see? What did you smell? What did you feel?  My earliest museum memory was when I was three years old and visiting a small natural […]

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Thomas Cambell working in the Solaris Gallery at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

From a Museum of Products…to a Museum of Process

Visitor engagement comes in all forms. When talking about visitor participation, we primarily focus on what is happening with visitors and the Museum staff, or how they can interact with what is on display in the galleries. Here’s another take entirely on the participatory experience. This model involves the artists in direct contact with the […]

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Second Skins

This or that?

Topic Testing for Museum Exhibitions How do you know which shows will be hits and which will, well, just flop? Is there some easy way to test topics without the long-range planning and fees associated with audience research firms? The staff at the Fowler Museum on the UCLA campus and I settled on a project—one […]

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010213 B

Creating Content “With” Visitors

There are many museums and museum practitioners who continue to break new ground, pushing the boundaries of what museums do and what they mean to the people who visit them. The latest trend in the field revolves around the idea of participation. What does it mean to be a participatory museum? Taking a quote from […]

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Classic Textbook

A few months ago I came to my boss and told him I needed to find some new perspective on my work. I was, dare I say it, burned out, or a better way to describe it, flat lined. What to do? Leave? Find a new job? I wanted to gain new perspective in an […]

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What’s the Point?

From the perspective of a museum professional, I am interested in observing how museums coming from very different perspectives go about their work. What shapes their thinking, influences their decision making, and determines their actions. How does their work compare to what others are doing in the field? How might what they are thinking and […]

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