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39 South Street (Route 7)
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Meet Chuck

Have you ever heard someone mention “Chuck” at the Museum and not known who in the world they were referring to? Well, let us bring you in on the secret! Having lived somewhere between 65-75 years, we think that Chuck is the oldest member of our living collection (which is comprised of all the fish, [...]

Protecting Endangered Turtles at the Aquarium

Northern Red Bellied Cooters after being measures at the Berkshire Museum Aquarium. Joo Young is an intern from Miss Hall’s School in Pittsfield, working in the aquarium by helping us to spread the word about all of the cool projects that people might not otherwise know about. Today she brings us some information [...]

Why visit our Aquarium?

Why visit or intern at the aquarium in Berkshire Museum? The aquarium in Berkshire Museum is more than just working space. The supervisors, Scott and John, are welcoming and the environment is safe and informative. At the aquarium, there is a lot more to do than just feeding the animals and cleaning the cage. There [...]

Poison Dart Frogs

I spent a little bit of time in the Aquarium this afternoon during the feeding of the poison dart frogs. The aquarium staff (Scott, John, and our volunteer, Josh), were kind enough to wipe down the glass for me so I could take some photos. Those frogs definitely get moving when the staff drops the [...]

Spring Aquarium Update

Welcome Spring! A time associated with birth, growth, and change. Here at Berkshire Museum, we definitely see the impact of spring by looking at all the changes that are going on in our Aquarium. First, we've got tadpoles! The poison dart frogs in our new tank have laid eggs -- you might be able to [...]

Poison Dart Frogs

Every tank in the Aquarium will be full by the end of this week. Berkshire Museum’s newest addition to the downstairs is a colorful array of poison dart frogs, native to Central and South America. Expect to see splashes of yellow, blue, and green hopping about the tropic plants and nestling in the comfort of [...]


I was born a June-baby and the thing I love most about being born in June is having the pearl as my birthstone. I’ve always thought it was the most beautiful stone: round, smooth, and a beautiful creamy-white color with a little bit of shine. See the beautiful electric-blue markings on this clam smack-dab [...]

The World Below

It may be batty upstairs at Berkshire Museum, but it sure is fishy downstairs! A Tropheus duboisi fish, found in the Lake Tanganyika tank, has a blue body with a yellowish-white vertical band. Once you descend the stairs of the Museum and enter the basement, you set foot into a world very different [...]

Chow Time at Berkshire Museum

Join our staff in the aquarium for an interactive look at what it takes to feed some of Berkshire Museum’s most interesting residents. With your help we’ll prepare some heaping salads for some of our largest reptiles as we discuss what the aquarium animals eat here in the museum and what they would find in [...]

Aquarium Adventures with Scott Jervas

Here at Berkshire Museum, we're always coming up with new ways to share information with other institutions, working in partnerships to establish good museum practices, and also to find out really cool stuff. Here is our aquarium manager Scott Jervas talking about sharing parts of our coral reef (cut perfectly by aquarist John Brancazzu) with [...]